Miracle Rooter Plumbing offers the industries best drain cleaning services in Santa Barbara and all surrounding ares.

Miracle Rooter provides Santa Barbara Drain Cleaning… To repair your leaking sink drain pipe, Miracle Rooter Plumbing’s trained technicians will dish out your sewer line with a rotor cable machine or hydro jetting and can also provide a video inspection of your line to reach the root of the problem. Smells from leaking sink drains can be determined by our technicians who can find out the same with a sewer line smoke test. Our professionals also deal in plumbing drain cleaning services where we use high pressure water jets to scour your lines safely and effectively, bringing them back to near original capacity.

For any kind of drain leak or stoppage, our 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, emergency services can be relied upon easily where you can schedule and reschedule service appointments as per your convenience.


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        • Qualified professionals who deliver results fast & easy.
        • Your home, business and property is essential to you. You want a professional certified plumber that respects your personal property, and understands that you value cleanliness and expect that your property will be spotless after we complete the work.
        • There are no waiting when you call, pressing buttons or being put through to call centers to speak with a operator – when you choose Miracle Rooter Plumbing, the call is answered by a real live person who knows plumbing and drain cleaning, and can answer your questions.
        • You can rely on Miracle Rooter Plumbing for a professional experience with thousands of delighted customers.

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      • Storm, Sewer and Drain Cleaning, Snaking Sewers
      • Hydro-jet Sewer Cleaning
      • Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services
      • Repair Sewer Lines
      • Trenchless sewer pipe replacing technology

When Mr. Doe , tenant of an apartment , the bathtub drain was clogged . He bought a bottle of drain cleaner chemical in a hardware store and tried it himself to fix the drain blockage . First he poured the indicated amount into the drain , which didn’t helped him, because the obstruction consisted of hair that are very resilient in very large quantities . Thereafter, the tenant was in despair more into the drain , which also not helped the situation , because the chemical did not clear the blockage and can petrify or clump . In addition, through the drain cleaner that high temperatures occur in the pipe , ( chemical process ) can cause the deformation and damage to the drain pipe . The tenant could be helped in time , as he called Santa Barbara drain cleaning company to fix the problem with proper equipment so the chemical didn’t damage the drain of the person concerned could cause Mr. Smith


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