Snake or replace your sewer line ?

Sometime unexpected things happen. You wake up in the morning and realize that you have a clogged sewer line. No shower, no toilet and no kitchen. It is frustrating. No you get on the phone and try to call a plumber and many plumbers might give you their opinion, but which one is the right choice for your situation. Well it all depend what condition is your sewer line in.


  1.   You might have cracked sewer line where the roots grow from the joints.
  2.   You might have a sewer line that has never been maintained before.
  3.   What kind of sewer pipe you have installed? Clay? Orangeberg ? ABS (plastic )
  4. If you have a clay pipe that has never been maintained before and there is only small amount of root intrusion, then proper snaking or hydro jetting will take care of your issue.
  5. You might have a Orangeberg pipe, then you must need to replace that sewer line because working on Orangeberg pipe is prohibited by law and there are no parts available.
  6. If you have a cracked or broken clay pipe then you need to replace that sewer line.
  7. If you have ABS sewer line installed than whoever installed that sewer line, didn’t install it properly, because the plastic pipes are joint less and roots cant get in.